Saturday, 9 May 2009


I'm creating Kufurin, town at North-East of Tilzeran. This town is some kind of "voyeuristic dream". Once upon a time there was a principal and important city, a bridgehead of Iukhin Empire at Tilzeran. Then Tilzeran ousted Iukhin from territory. Now, 200 years after, town is filled with shadows of decay and desolation. Suddenly a detail may to remain the high-level past...

There is no way to create town without minimal history. I suggest the nobilities could not to confide town to possession one of them, so it was given up to Order Of Miphril's Prayers. Order don't work very hard with new property. Generally it try to carry 'ideology' work. So this plaster pioneers were appeared. In future I'll replace they with the plaster happy fishermen.

It is my very old 3D view, and I try to use some of these ideas in Kufurin:

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