Thursday, 2 October 2008

The volume of sense

I live enough to catch sigh of the turning point of art. The idols of past – Picasso, Dali, Magritte – never were so interesting for me as Balthus or Delvaux. I believe the painting must not to stun, to surprise, to stupefy continuously. I want the painting on wall of my bedroom and want to see it for years. But sense of Magritte is caught in a flash:

…and what I’ll do for years?
The stunning has no depth. It is flat. It has no volume.
While I see Balthus I don’t understand what the matter is. What is the sequence of events, “story” - before and after? How has it come to this way of life? I feel the sense, but don’t know it. I can to hang this painting on the bedroom wall and think about “story”. For years.

The sense gains a depth, a volume. Painter can to give up modern painting craftsmanship to concentrate in sense:

(Paul Delvaux)

But it has no decisive importance. I’m very impressed by Kenney Mencher:

Maybe he painted in oils mere frame of well-known movie. But I’m the Russian, I’d never seen this movie! If I never knew the word “America” I’d look this

…with great Martian interest! I’d feel giant stratums of culture and history in base of scene. Many Americans didn’t read “The fox tricks” by Pu Songling, but drawings of Xiaoging Ding are not less interesting for him:

So we’re approaching to new art concept. Artist has own consistent world or the sense story and opens the window into the key, initial or typical moment of it. It is important: story must not be as everyday story (let’s to leave it for realism) as the meaningless conglomeration (let’s to leave it for surrealism). For example, I don’t very like to load my brain with a senseless heap:

(Micha Lobi)
So it seems for me I know great secret. While Mike Worall paints surreally dreams…

…he is not so interesting. But while I don’t understand the matter, he became a great Master:

His “Forever lost” is very witty name. But it leaves no place for dream. Maybe she is in hurry to somebody, maybe she cannot find something?

While Ray Caesar piles one horror to other he is not as interesting as there:

Almost really women Colette Calascione maybe more interesting as her woman-monsters:

Strange connection of Polynesian tattoo and jabot give feeling of unknown culture.
I may suggest new tendencies. Let’s imagine I create virtually other world. It’s big, strange but consistent. Then I paint its cities, landscapes, or illustrate its mythology, or its famous event. But only I know my world fully. My paintings are only scrap of it.
What price will you suggest for this painting?
But I has create it – really!
It’s great pity I so seldom take brushes…

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

3D-Game Realism. 01. Castles, fortifications, cities

Pic. Complicated Teutonic castle, 1584-1712, high tower – १८६८

Pic. 2 Semidecorative Spain castle

‘Pre-cannon’ and ‘cannon’ castles are absolutely different. But ‘pre-cannon’ castles are absolutely different too. Most value is defender forces (private, troop, order, empire) and attack forces (throng, nomads, regular army, ‘castle-hunter’ party). Many castles have no real but frightening, decorative or imposing purposes. Very many castles are built or rebuilt at XVIII -XX centuries as romantic imitations.

Pic. 3 Romantic French castle of XIX century

The castle evolution passes throughout prehistoric irregular shapes, living towers, right-angled shapes (most part of all world castles), and many-sided shapes with angled, then round towers. The last is much loved by the game-creators, cartoonists and Disney। As a rule the staircase round towers (2-3 m diameter) are mixed up with defense tower (5-6 m). The defense round towers often were flat-sided from yard. One of main reason of round towers is that angles of rectangle are vulnerable for the sap and earthquakes, so on the rocky base the rectangle towers are found more often.

Pic. 4 Snake Castle near Adana

Really a summit of ‘pre-cannon’ evolution may be considered last Crusader’s castles at the Near East. Mostly it is the complicated net of dam walls which to connect the rocks. 300 Europeans can keep it against 100.000 Arabs without problems.

Pic.5 Margab headquarters of the Hospitalers, was never taken by assault

Pic।6 Bruma Castle from ‘Oblivion’. Let’s see the difference!

Let’s see at the Bruma Castle from ‘Oblivion’. Too high walls and too thin round towers demonstrate the imposing castles of the middle of XVI century without real defense functions. The big quadrs of cutting rust, huge stairs and expensive decorative terrace correspond to very big rich city as Milan or Moscow with 30.000 – 100.000 populace. These castles and Bruma castle are the rare type that doesn’t use relief. Normally the inner high of wall is rather lower then outer high.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

About me

I drew my first fantasy map when I was 7. I've created many fantasy worlds for the last 47 years and make them more and more realistic.
I suspect once God got interested in my worlds. He said to B.G., "Give him a computer and 3D." What other theory about PC creating could you suggest?
Thanks a lot.
Not long ago I found myself as an architect and a consultant on old styles architecture. Some of my drawings began to appear in real life.
Now many people try to create interesting and realistic fantasy worlds for games. Our real world needs professionals of fantasy world creating.
Well, it's me.
A gamer doesn't know how towns or river valleys appear. But if You believe it is not necessary to know for game creation, You may be wrong. Only 1/1000 of us knows how to paint a man's face. But all love Mona Lisa! Why?
If you feel lack of reality in your game, read my BASIC REALISM FOR GAME CREATION. I believe it will help.
If it interests you, buy my WORLD-FOR-SALE.
You can see the collection of my art at
If you are not afraid of starved-to-death-before-monitor-gamers ghosts, give me employment in your game creation team.

It is my world-for-sale 'Tilzeran' and a view of the biggest city of it, Raguan.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

About my visualisation studio

I have a small studio which provides visualization of architectural, interior, ship, thing design including meticulous 3D for urbanizam projecting. I'm experienced with richly-decorated, historical and national styles, rendered with soft lighting / deep shading only. Realism of 3D is my profession.
This studio is