Thursday, 2 October 2008

The volume of sense

I live enough to catch sigh of the turning point of art. The idols of past – Picasso, Dali, Magritte – never were so interesting for me as Balthus or Delvaux. I believe the painting must not to stun, to surprise, to stupefy continuously. I want the painting on wall of my bedroom and want to see it for years. But sense of Magritte is caught in a flash:

…and what I’ll do for years?
The stunning has no depth. It is flat. It has no volume.
While I see Balthus I don’t understand what the matter is. What is the sequence of events, “story” - before and after? How has it come to this way of life? I feel the sense, but don’t know it. I can to hang this painting on the bedroom wall and think about “story”. For years.

The sense gains a depth, a volume. Painter can to give up modern painting craftsmanship to concentrate in sense:

(Paul Delvaux)

But it has no decisive importance. I’m very impressed by Kenney Mencher:

Maybe he painted in oils mere frame of well-known movie. But I’m the Russian, I’d never seen this movie! If I never knew the word “America” I’d look this

…with great Martian interest! I’d feel giant stratums of culture and history in base of scene. Many Americans didn’t read “The fox tricks” by Pu Songling, but drawings of Xiaoging Ding are not less interesting for him:

So we’re approaching to new art concept. Artist has own consistent world or the sense story and opens the window into the key, initial or typical moment of it. It is important: story must not be as everyday story (let’s to leave it for realism) as the meaningless conglomeration (let’s to leave it for surrealism). For example, I don’t very like to load my brain with a senseless heap:

(Micha Lobi)
So it seems for me I know great secret. While Mike Worall paints surreally dreams…

…he is not so interesting. But while I don’t understand the matter, he became a great Master:

His “Forever lost” is very witty name. But it leaves no place for dream. Maybe she is in hurry to somebody, maybe she cannot find something?

While Ray Caesar piles one horror to other he is not as interesting as there:

Almost really women Colette Calascione maybe more interesting as her woman-monsters:

Strange connection of Polynesian tattoo and jabot give feeling of unknown culture.
I may suggest new tendencies. Let’s imagine I create virtually other world. It’s big, strange but consistent. Then I paint its cities, landscapes, or illustrate its mythology, or its famous event. But only I know my world fully. My paintings are only scrap of it.
What price will you suggest for this painting?
But I has create it – really!
It’s great pity I so seldom take brushes…