Sunday, 30 March 2008

About me

I drew my first fantasy map when I was 7. I've created many fantasy worlds for the last 47 years and make them more and more realistic.
I suspect once God got interested in my worlds. He said to B.G., "Give him a computer and 3D." What other theory about PC creating could you suggest?
Thanks a lot.
Not long ago I found myself as an architect and a consultant on old styles architecture. Some of my drawings began to appear in real life.
Now many people try to create interesting and realistic fantasy worlds for games. Our real world needs professionals of fantasy world creating.
Well, it's me.
A gamer doesn't know how towns or river valleys appear. But if You believe it is not necessary to know for game creation, You may be wrong. Only 1/1000 of us knows how to paint a man's face. But all love Mona Lisa! Why?
If you feel lack of reality in your game, read my BASIC REALISM FOR GAME CREATION. I believe it will help.
If it interests you, buy my WORLD-FOR-SALE.
You can see the collection of my art at
If you are not afraid of starved-to-death-before-monitor-gamers ghosts, give me employment in your game creation team.

It is my world-for-sale 'Tilzeran' and a view of the biggest city of it, Raguan.

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